Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekend Basic Is Anything But Boring

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 Weekend casual dressing is one of my favorite looks to create. Especially jeggings and leggings they are so comfy but still look fashionable (as long as worn the right way). What makes the outfit that Tanesha created for a casual weekend look is all in the accessories.

  The basic part of the outfit is a sleeveless top and jeggings. Adding a printed long scarf creates a much stronger impact then a necklace ever could. A bold bangle will be a great way to add jewelry to your look and also to add coverage to the arm. Bold rings are another way to add something unexpected to a basic outfit. Bold rings just don’t need to be saved for the evening anymore.

  The big question is what kind of shoe? A flat sandal and a simple bag finish up the look. Creating a basic look can sometimes look sloppy or too simple. By taking this as a starting point I think many great looks could be made. If you feel like any outfit looks to boring always adding bold accessories is the way to pop any outfit.  
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