Saturday, December 29, 2012

Surprising Finds...Year End Review

               This year has been a great year for finding new clothing stores. I was in a rut for a few years with only picking up clothing from a few different stores. This year through reading other blogs I found some great finds at surprising stores.

                I read about their UK Style by French Connection line last fall and thought I would check it out and I was quite impressed with what I found. I ended up buying a few pieces from their other lines though. If you haven’t considered Sears for clothing before it might be worth a try. The Kardashian Kurves line is out now with a few cute pieces, hopefully they will be offering more clothing though.

                I just went to JCP a few weeks ago because I was looking at their website and I found a great selection for workout wear. Many of the pieces could be worn as casual clothing around town. The selection is very impressive and the price points are even better. Something I hate is when there is a great selection online but nothing in store. My one visit to a local store brought amazing results. The pieces I loved online were available in store. I love to try clothing on before buying it, now that I know how the workout clothing fits I will feel confident to buy the collection online. I didn’t look too much at the other clothing in the plus size department since I was just looking for active wear at the time. What I saw in passing was pretty cute though.

             Both of these stores have done a great job redefining their clothing departments especially their plus size lines. I love finding new stores that are easily available because it can be harder to find good plus size clothing in stores. I am looking forward to shopping both of these stores next year!

If any of you have a store that I should check out let me know! What are your thoughts on Sears and JCPenny?