Friday, October 26, 2012

Jewelry Storage and Display DIY

So I had this really old cork board that I used as a jewelry holder for a few months but as you can see I didn’t even peel off all the old stickers (probably 10 years old). This  was just a quick fix for all of my long necklaces and a way to keep my stuff from getting tangeled.

Then I went on Pinterest (what did we ever do before it), and I  found this idea from Two Twenty One to take fabric and use brass pins to cover any pin board. SO love this idea. After searching other ideas I figured that this was the best idea and most likely to work out for me. So I went to my local dollar store to get the brass pins which this project took most of the container (I believe it was a 200 count container). I bought a fabric that I liked this one is sky blue with white daisies on it. I ironed the fabric and cut it to size leaving about a 2 inch boarder then I took the pins all the way around (it hurt my fingers after a while). I then took regular push pins and organized them in a way that made sense for my jewelry. I think this is a good craft idea for non crafters (like me) this project maybe took me a few hours and would be a nice project to do while watching TV or getting a friend to come over and help you out. Then you could also have fun trying on the jewelry and coming up with different combinations.

I think the final product is great and I am not horrified to have to look at it and keeping my bracelets and necklaces out like this makes it easy to find and keeps me out of “jewelry ruts”. I would love to hear your jewelry storage/display ideas or what your results are if you tried this. 

Since first taking these pics I have added more jewelry and you can see there is still plenty of room to add more. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

e.l.f. Eye Palette Review

I have recently discovered e.l.f. (eyes lips face) cosmetics. I bought the Little Black Beauty Book Python Edition in warm from Target for $6.00 (according to Targets website you can still pick out the palette in store but not online) this palette is not available on but they do have other sets that seem very similar.

I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never purchased anything from this line but I was drawn to the colors since they are mostly neutrals with a few pops of color. I couldn't bring myself to spend around $50 for other neutral eye pallets on the market so this e.l.f. $6 price tag is perfect. If you already have a lot of makeup you don’t need to feel guilty adding more to your collection, if you are just starting out with makeup the colors are a great base collection and will provide a lot of opportunity to play.

While some of the colors aren't the most pigmented and there is a little fallout when applying I am really impressed with this pallet and e.l.f. There is a great amount of dark colors for the outer V of the eye and the crease. The bright colors such as coral, peach, and turquoise show up really well and are so fun to play with. If you are like me I don’t want a large pot of eye color because I like to play so much so the small size of the eye shadows are really great also you don’t need to feel bad if you don’t like the color or it is not that pigmented. There are also a lot of similar colors which I don't mind since they do show up different enough and can add more depth to an eye look. 

A few tips to make this pallet really work for you: use an eye shadow primer first, tap excess product off of your brush before applying it, and gently tap the shadow especially really dark colors.

Since getting this pallet I have been trying to find out what else is good by this brand. If you have any suggestions of other great e.l.f. items I should try please let me know. 
Picture courtesy of, This is the Little Black Beauty Book Python Edition: Warm $6