Friday, October 26, 2012

Jewelry Storage and Display DIY

So I had this really old cork board that I used as a jewelry holder for a few months but as you can see I didn’t even peel off all the old stickers (probably 10 years old). This  was just a quick fix for all of my long necklaces and a way to keep my stuff from getting tangeled.

Then I went on Pinterest (what did we ever do before it), and I  found this idea from Two Twenty One to take fabric and use brass pins to cover any pin board. SO love this idea. After searching other ideas I figured that this was the best idea and most likely to work out for me. So I went to my local dollar store to get the brass pins which this project took most of the container (I believe it was a 200 count container). I bought a fabric that I liked this one is sky blue with white daisies on it. I ironed the fabric and cut it to size leaving about a 2 inch boarder then I took the pins all the way around (it hurt my fingers after a while). I then took regular push pins and organized them in a way that made sense for my jewelry. I think this is a good craft idea for non crafters (like me) this project maybe took me a few hours and would be a nice project to do while watching TV or getting a friend to come over and help you out. Then you could also have fun trying on the jewelry and coming up with different combinations.

I think the final product is great and I am not horrified to have to look at it and keeping my bracelets and necklaces out like this makes it easy to find and keeps me out of “jewelry ruts”. I would love to hear your jewelry storage/display ideas or what your results are if you tried this. 

Since first taking these pics I have added more jewelry and you can see there is still plenty of room to add more. 

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