Thursday, May 10, 2012

How To Find The Perfect Special Occasion Dress

Tanesha Awasthi in a midi dress

Dressing for a special occasion can be very intimidating especially if you are not comfortable with your size to begin with. 

Take some advice from Tanesha and find something that fits you well. The navy midi length dress she is wearing is flattering for many reasons. The silhouette is perfect for any curvy girl, fitting the most closely at the smallest part of the body which is typically under the bust. Having a belt or other detailing at the smallest point will bring attention there instead of other areas that you may want to camouflage.  Finding a dress with interest by the face is a great way to bring attention up. Choosing a darker color can help you feel confident, but you don’t always need to choose black. Navy is a nice alternative to black also choosing a print is great. 

The length is nice to because ending the dress around the knee area is faltering and most likely comfortable to wear. Most importantly find a dress that makes you feel good and confident. On you special day you don’t want to be fidgeting with what you are wearing or unsure. Find the right dress for you and own it! Finding this dress may take time but finding inspiration online before you head out the stores may help. 

Take a look at Tanesha's blog for ideas on dresses you may like, she has a lot of good ones that you may like as well. 

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