Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dressing For The Ever Changing Springtime Weather

More about this spring time look from Tanesha Awasthi 

I know I have the summer on my mind but it is still spring time where I live. Half way through the day the temperature changes by about ten degrees. This time of year dressing for any weather is necessary. Light layers are the way to go. Take a basic top (that would be look fine on its own) on top of that pair a light weight cardigan. To add more excitement to the look add a printed scarf.

If you run out for lunch during your break you can peel off your cardigan and the scarf if need be. In the morning when it’s cold having the scarf tied around my neck would be great but by the end of the day having it tied might not be necessary or if the weather really turned warm tying it to your bag might even be a better option. A cardigan that zips or buttons is wonderful option because if the wind picks up or the air conditioning is blasting you can cover up more or vice versa. 

Tanesha has taken a cute top and put a light weight cardigan and topped the layering off with a brightly printed scarf. When layering and working with prints it is always best to keep the bottoms simple. Tanesha is wearing a basic pair of jeans and sandals. I think if you take this inspiration you can easily turn this look into your own and make it appropriate for the different occasions you may need to layer in. 
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