Friday, March 15, 2013

Fresh Brewed Beauty by Laura Geller

As many of you probably know Ulta is doing their 21 days of beauty. I love a good deal and they have a lot of other items at good prices as well that aren’t part of their daily specials. I couldn't resist Laura Geller’s Fresh Brewed Beauty set for $39. It comes with Balance-n-Brighten in the shade medium, Baked Impressions Blush in Mauve Mocha Latte, Baked Highlighter in French Vanilla with a two sided sponge brush, Baked Impressions Eye Palette in Espresso Yourself and Color Drench Lip Gloss in Café au Lait. Plus the packaging looks just like a bag of coffee beans which is so stinking cute. 

Looks just like a bag of coffee beans!! So cute. 

I have a few of LG’s products and I have always been impressed and I knew that $39 for this kit was an amazing deal plus I LOVE coffee so how could this kit be wrong. Let me tell you I did my whole face in this set the next day after I got it and was so impressed with the look, it is such a natural look which is something I never thought I would like. Usually when people create natural or no makeup type looks I am not that interested. This is a gorgeous look that really works for my coloring. 
The Blush and Eye shadow have coffee bean impressions on them. So cute. 

I already own Balance-n-Brighten in Medium which is a shade too dark so I have to use this powder foundation lightly.
Mauve Mocha latte- wears on the skin like a soft mauve. 

The Baked Impression Blush in Mauve Mocha Latte is gorgeous, this shade for me is the perfect blushing shade that looks really natural and can be built up. I sometimes like a bolder blush look it makes  me look more awake. This is a matte blush shade which I don’t have many of so this is a great one for any collection. 
The shades read like a soft cream, medium brown and a soft dark espresso brown

The Baked Impressions Eye Palette in Espresso Yourself is three neutral brown and cream shades. The three shades are matte and make a great everyday look or would be great to pair with shimmer colors as well to make a more dynamic eye color. I see this palette being great for travel because it will help create any look you may need.

The Baked Highlighter in French Vanilla with the brush was the big reason why I wanted this set. I had heard about her highlighters before as a great multi-tasker. I am so glad to have gotten it in the set because it is exactly what I wanted. It gives a very subtle highlight. I have a few highlighters and they are all very shimmery which is great but not for everyday. The sponge applicator is something I have never seen before and I think what makes this highlighter system very unique. Since this powder is baked it looks creamy on the face which I think is flattering
The color here looks much pinker then it does in person.

The Color Drench Lip Gloss in Café au Lait is a deeper nude lip shade which like the rest of the kit is great for work and everyday wear. The color also lasted pretty well on my lips, it leaves marks on cups but it almost seemed to stain my lips so even after drinking some coffee I had the gloss color left on my lips. Which was a pleasant surprise and I will likely wear this on its own or layered with other glosses for varied looks.
L-R highlighter, blush, the three eye shadow shades and the lip gloss is beneath the powder swatches

Overall this kit creates a beautiful everyday or work day look. I would encourage anyone to give this one a closer look because the deal is amazing and the products create such a beautiful look that is one that I haven’t seen before. If you haven’t tried Laura Geller cosmetics I think this would be a great way to see the range of her products and how they work. If you are like me and don’t have a lot of matte shades in your collection this will be a nice way to add them in.

This kit is also on LG’s site for $60 but you can choose your foundation shade so that is also a place to consider buying this if you don’t think the medium shade is right for you. I decided just to buy if from Ulta since I know that the medium shade is use-able for me and if I get color over the summer it should be a better match for me. I also will use the darker veins in the foundation as a contour. is out of this collection but I bought this kit on Tuesday and my store had 10+ sets left. I would suggest calling your local Ulta to see if they still have it. 

Please let me know if you have this kit or what you think about it! 

XOXO Katie 

*This kit was bought with my own money and this is my honest opinion of the kit. 

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