Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Fab: Countess Handbag Review

Countess from Just Fab 

Around November of last year I heard about Just Fab. I know most of you already know about it but if you don't it is a monthly subscription service and stylist create a boutique for you and you can shop what is in your boutique or anything on the site. If you decide to skip that month you aren't charged but if you don't skip and don't pick anything out you will be charged on your credit card but you will have a credit on your account so be forewarned that you will have to keep an eye on your account etc.

Anyways I found a cute bag back in November from Just Fab called the Countess

Adorable bow!

It is a satchel bag with a removable shoulder strap, it has two small bows on the front along with some contrast piping. I couldn't resist the bag. Seeing as I bought the beige color I decided to hold off using the bag until the spring time. Well it is spring now, and I wanted to mention the bag because it is terribly cute and I think a pretty good deal. The bag is made from PU and I can already tell the problem with the bag is going to be the black piping on the edges of the material. That type of piping tends to peel off. That being said the bag is so unique to what I could find out in my local stores and if you are like me and you have a lot of handbags having a few that aren't made the best should be just fine.

You can see where some of the pipping is coming off (this is the backside of the bag)
If you want a bag from Just Fab to be your everyday bag in my opinion the Countess won't hold up, I can't speak to the rest of the collection but I imagine that all of the bags are about the same quality. If you are like me and own ALOT of bags and rotating them often you shouldn't get too much wear from using a short period of time. I think the styles offered at Just Fab are worth the price. I have skipped every month since my first one, the next time I want a unique bag I will check out Just Fab before I hit my local mall though. 

Have you bought a bag from Just Fab? How was the quality?

Here is a link to Just if you want some more information 



*Merchandise was bought with my own money and all of these opinions are my own. 

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