Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Ipsy Review

               So I don’t know about you but I am new to the concept of the monthly subscription boxes. I don’t know how I missed such a huge trend in beauty! I looked at a few different programs and I decided after watching some You Tube videos to choose Ipsy (previously MyGlam). It is $10 a month and they send you a makeup bag and 5 products to try.

                I just received my first bag (the November collection). After watching so many videos on previous bags I wasn’t sure how I would feel about what I would receive. I have to say I am really happy with this bag. The cosmetic bag is a chocolate brown satin bag with a gold zipper. The size of the bag is perfect for inside a purse or to use as an impromptu clutch.

             Inside was an eye liner from Starlet Cosmetics in Chocolate. Right off the bat I don’t think I will like it. It is a pencil you have to sharpen. I usually find them not soft enough. My initial reaction is that it isn't as bad as I first thought; I probably wouldn't buy it though.

            The next item is Bare Minerals Moxie lip gloss in Dare Devil which is a deep berry. The gloss goes on very sheer but you can build to a darker color if you want. For me one swipe is a great wash of color. This was my first time using the Moxie gloss I have used Buxom in the past and have loved it. Another win for BE

             Next is my favorite product from the bag. Nailtini Nail lacquer in Millionaire. Which is rose gold small sparkle with gold long sparkles and teal long sparkles mixed together. You mostly see the gold. I have never heard of the brand but I love the concept and it is full size and is worth $13. Just this product makes the Ipsy bag so worth it.

            Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow by The Balm. It is a cute one color sample in Matt Batali. It is a deep brown that will be great in the out corner. I have never used any makeup from The Balm so I am excited to try the shadow. The color can be found in a collection called Meet Matt(e) which looks really good especially if you need to add more matte colors to your collection.

             The last item is an eyebrow gel by Chella. With the bag you could have gotten the eyebrow gel or mascara from Benefit (which I wish I would have gotten). My eyebrows are blond and fairly sparce. So I don’t have a great need for a gel. I am curious about this line they have a system to help grown your eye brows called Brow Full- Fillment Eyebrow Treatment for $90. So if any of you have tried this or have any other great eyebrow things let me know

            I was a little unsure about how I would like the products sent to me but overall I am super pleased with everything! I am looking forward to next month!

What do you guys think of monthly beauty subscriptions? Any advice for my blonde eyebrows? I have tried some pencils but I don’t the color looks natural with my red hair. 

Please visit Ipsy for more information about how they work and about the products I mentioned above. 

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