Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Plus Size Styling

      Sorry for not updating in forever. I had a big move in the end of May and summer classes that have just ended. I hate it when blogs aren't updated on a regular basis, so I am going to try and keep this thing going. Classes just ended I have about 3 weeks off until fall semester starts. One of my class projects really has me feeling inspired now.
      Our final project was to style our own photo shoot. Previously I took a class where I worked as a team to style 2 different shoots, but all on my own was a new experience. I found a great location in my hometown, I cute little garden that's inside a park. When I was a kid and they first started the garden it was really small, now it has developed into this gorgeous garden with lots of cute benches, trees, and flowers. Anyways so once I found my location I decided my theme for my photo shoot would be what I imagine wearing to a proper garden party. Think skirts, dresses and lots of floral prints.
      I begged my sister to be my model (not really she said yes right away), dug through my closet and all my jewelry and I came up with what I think are some great looks. The original concept for this project was to take vintage and modern and mix them together. That is why skirts and dresses came to my mind because I feel like we dress so casually now. So on a sunny Sunday morning my sister and I rose early to head to the garden before the park got really busy. We had to traipse back and forth to my car and restroom a lot for my sister to change.
      I think the project turned out well. and I am now excited to keep pursuing styling. I am hoping once a month to create a styling photo shoot.


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    1. Thanks, I had fun. Now I need to think of another theme for more photo shoots.