Friday, April 27, 2012

Curvy Girls Swim Suit Guide
Summer is approaching and many of you might have already gone on a trip for the spring and noticed your swimsuit from last year (or much older then that) not longer looks great. Playing up trends with your swimsuit is a great way to enjoy wearing the suit and give you confidence poolside. My favorite trends can be found at

Tanesha found some flattering swimsuits for curvy girls. Wearing a swimsuit that fits well and flatters your shape is the best way to feel confident in your swimsuit. Patterns are a big trend in swimsuits but you don't have to just wear a dated floral now animal prints are found in swimsuits. If you love to rock animal prints in your regular clothes why not add it to your swimsuit. I am so loving the idea of leopard print at the beach.

Another amazing look that will fatter everyone is detailing in your swimsuit, like ruching and ruffles. Ruching is an amazing way to disguise a less then muscular midsection and such a great way to add interest to your swimsuit. With ruffles they will bring attention upwards around your neckline detracting from other areas of the body you may not want people focusing on.

Whatever swimsuit you choose know you look great and enjoy the nice weather!
To find out more about the swimsuits pictured above go to:


  1. There are some good places to look online for girl bathing suits. Just have to put the time to look online

    1. Yeah they don't have to be very expensive either just a little digging.