Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Physical

It’s a new year and at this point some of your resolutions may have already been forgotten. So hopefully what I have to say will help invigorate your own goals. For me I want to get more fit. I know what you are thinking “Oh great another person wanting to lose weight” for me it is not about weight but how I feel. When I was working on my bachelor’s degree I worked out at least an hour every day. Since graduating life has gotten in the way and all of the weight I previously lost has come back and then some. At my lowest weight I was still very curvy and wearing a size 18, now I am a size 24. I just don’t feel comfortable in my own body. I have decided to stop letting my life go by and start working out again. So right before the holidays I went shopping for some new active wear. The best way to feel motivated about something that will be hard is to get new clothes (at least that is how I feel). All I had before were comfy yoga pants that I wear around the house so true workout pants were needed. Somehow JCPenny entered my mind so I went to their site and OMG I am so glad I did.

I did some research on where to buy some workout clothes but the things I liked were out of my price range or in my price range but nothing I really wanted. When I check out JCP’s site I was so impressed. Usually plus size workout wear isn’t plentiful in stores or super ugly. So I was thrilled with all of the options I found on the site but what was even better I went to my local store and found almost as many options. Even the pieces I loved online were in the store. The pieces are very cute and it seems like half of the collection is on sale. Seriously I hadn’t been to JCP in years and now I am a little obsessed! It is taking all of my restraint not to buy the whole line.

I can’t wait to explore the rest of their clothing.

What are your opinions on JCP?

Do you have any suggestions of where to get great active wear? 
What I am wearing: 
Photo 1: ruched shirt, deep violet find it here
             double band pants, charcoal find it here
Photo 2: striped mesh sweatshirt, mint find it here
               loose fitting pants, black find it here
Photo 3: Dr.Scholls walking shoes find it here

All of the items mentioned above were purchased by me. 

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